Friday, January 21, 2011

Already Mixed Signals

Sorry about the confusion, but I decided to change the name of the blog and then I decided to change it again. It's really hard to name a blog people! So, I'm going to stick with riasrandomthoughts because, like I said, I'm the queen of randomness. I will still be blogging about some awesome vacations but there are too many other things to write about. I'm trying to be patient with the whole techno side of this and I could ask my husband for help since he's a techno genius, but then I just look stupid and I try to avoid that with him.

So, I think I should introduce myself a little, I am Ria the writer of this blog. I am also known as Mrs. G. My Mr. G is, like I said, a super techno genius. He is also Greek, but I'll save that story for later because it is a great big part of our lives. We have three extremely gorgeous children, all boys, who are the center of our lives. "The Teen" is 15 and a crazy busy high school student. "The Tween" is 12 and is entering that awkward phase of life, but handling it well so far. "The Baby" who is not a baby anymore, so we shall call him "The Kid" is quite the handful.

The Crew

I spend my days making lists of food, shopping for food, making food, cleaning up after food, only to be told there is never enough food. What I'm saying is--they are ALWAYS hungry! The rest of my day is spent doing laundry or driving them to school, sports, or music lessons. I am busier than when they were babies.

I used to work as an editor for a couple of historians. We worked on top secret business projects, that I could be sued over if I ever talked about them. Seriously, it's true. I did that for several years when the teen and the tween were babies, then I quit because I liked changing diapers better. Not. I quit because it was kinda boring (except for the juicy stories) and I worked at night when they were sleeping and I wanted to be sleeping too!

Now many years later I'm still at home with my kids and love it, but I like to fill the hours of 8am-2pm with a little more of my passion, which is writing. Basically my blog is a warm-up for working on my second novel everyday. The first novel is still not published. I'm hoping the second one will get there, but if it doesn't I don't really care because it's a blast just writing them and this blog.

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