Sunday, January 23, 2011

I'm a Mormon

Yes that's right, I'm a Mormon. I thought that was important to point out now because some of the things I'm writing about have to do with the church I belong to. If you want to learn more about my religion you can check it out here. The name Mormon, by the way, is a nickname people have given us. Our church's name is actually The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

So, today at church I taught my cute little primary class (it's like Sunday school). The kids in it are 6 years old and totally adorable. I love teaching them and just hanging out with them for an hour or so every Sunday. It's the highlight of my week. Two of the girls in my class are missing their front teeth and I can hardly understand a word they say, but they both say it so cute. I just nod my head and smile and pretend like I know exactly what they are talking about, but most of the time I don't. One of the boys loves dinosaurs and always tells me some fact about them and draws pictures of dinosaurs to show me. One boy has a lot of allergies and we have bonded over that (I'll blog about my horror stories soon). The other boy, likes to answer questions with his big expressive blue eyes exclaiming every point he is trying to get across. He also, I have notice after a couple of prayers, prays a lot to never fight with anyone. I pointed that out in the lesson today and they all added, "unless you are fighting a battle." I agreed. You really should fight if you are in a battle because you might die if you didn't. I always wonder what they tell their parents when they get home.

"What did you learn today sweetie?"

"Mom, you should never fight, unless you are in a battle because if you don't you might die."

See, this is important stuff.

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