Thursday, January 27, 2011

Kauai Day 3: Paradise Found

On Day 3 it stopped raining and the sun came out. Kauai on its very best day is perfection. We jumped in the car and drove straight to the very north end of the island. The road stops at Ke'e Beach and a trail begins that takes you into the jungles of the undeveloped part of the island. We headed for the beach and were delighted to find paradise waiting for us.

The reef at Ke'e protects you from rip currents and waves, so the snorkeling is amazing. Usually in July the cove fills with sand so you are swimming in about two feet of water and can swim outside the reef with the sea turtles. The day we were there the water was deep inside the reef and the waves and currents were too crazy, so we snorkeled inside the lagoon.
Looking north at the Na Pali coast.

Two happy snorkelers!

As we sat on the beach watching our kids play in the water, the Greek looked over the horizon pensively. I thought something might be wrong. Finally he said, "This is the most beautiful beach I've ever seen."

I replied, "Even more beautiful than the beaches of Brazil?"

He said, "Yep."

Wow, I thought, this really is paradise.

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