Saturday, January 29, 2011

Kauai Day 5: Beauty and the Poop

The boys had decided by day 5 that they wanted to go boogie boarding. This was a problem because the waves were crazy that week. We learned that there was a typhoon or something in Tahiti that was causing the surf to be insane that week in Hawaii. Even my sister, who was in San Diego at the time, said the waves were huge there. But being the good mother that I am, I was determined to find them a safe beach to boogie board on that day. So we rented some boards (very cheap to do, by the way) and headed for a beach I had read that had good boogie boarding and snorkeling.

Moloaa Bay is drop dead gorgeous. The black rocks pop against the blue sea water. The schools of fish are abundant and the coral is out of this world colors of bright yellow and neon blue. I was in heaven snorkeling there and that was on a pretty rough day for the water. I can't image how pristine the underwater life is on a calm day. The fish and other sea life have plenty of places to hide among the rocks and the reef there. The real kicker was most of the time we were there no one else was. We had the beach completely to ourselves.

As for the boogie boarding, I don't know what the guidebook was talking about, the rocks made it impossible and pretty unsafe. So, after an hour or so my family grew restless and demanded a better beach for boogie boarding. We hiked back to our car with all our gear. And it is quite a walk across the beach to get to the good side of the bay. Just thought I'd mention that.

We drove south to Kalapaki Bay. It wasn't that far from our condo. The Marriott Hotel sits right on the beach. The boys (the Greek included) had a blast catching waves and getting beaten down by them at the same time. The waves were kind of barrelling into the sand. I think normally they are much smaller waves in that bay, but that day they were pretty strong, not huge but body slamming. My kids loved it.

After we were worn out from boogie boarding, we went back to the condo and got ready for our luau. We headed over to the Smith Family Luau at about 5pm. The Smiths have been in the Luau business for a few generations and the grounds they own are breathtaking.

You begin the evening with a tour of the grounds by train. Then the unburying of the pig ceremony takes place and then you go to a pavilion for dinner with live music.

The food was great and plentiful. My kids found all their favorites, even mashed potatoes for the Tween. After dinner we went to the open air theater for a fantastic show.

Their performances included acts from all cultures that live in Hawaii: Samoa, New Zealand, Tonga, Guam, Japan, etc. It was amazing. They even had a volcano that erupted. Really perfect for adults and kids. It was a great evening, just watch out for the peacock poop while you're there. The Kid had to sit through the whole show with peacock poop on his flip flop, foot, and leg. Surprisingly peacock poop doesn't really smell at all, but it is hard to clean off.

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