Sunday, January 30, 2011

Kauai Day 6: The Perfect Ending

I didn't really count the first day of our trip in my series. The day we arrived we basically unpacked and went to grab a burger. It was late in the afternoon and raining. So day 6 is really day 7 and it was time to go home. We woke up to rain and hoped it would stop so we could go to Lydgate beach. No such luck.

We decided to go shopping at the little tourist mall down the street. It was fun picking out some souvenirs, but it was raining harder by the time we finished. Our plane didn't leave until the evening so we needed something to do. We decided to have an early dinner at Duke's which wasn't that far away from the airport.

This is a pretty poor excuse for a picture, but you can see that the restaurant sits right above Kalapaki bay. We boogie boarded there the day before. The other direction, looks like this:

That's the waterfall we were sitting next to while we ate. This was the perfect ending to our stay in Kauai. We had a lot of meals out there, but this one was the perfect meal. I had never had Ahi tuna before that I liked, but I knew at Duke's it would be really fresh and I would love it. And I was right.

Everywhere we ate in Kauai was expensive. Even the little burger places were pricey. And Duke's isn't any exception, but it was worth it finally. It seems everywhere we went the amount of food they gave us was pretty small. This place had a great salad bar with fresh fruit and different muffins and breads that helped fill us up. When you have boys you have to eat at places that offer some kind of all you can eat or they'll just be complaining they're still starving as you walk out the door.

Another place that was my favorite on Kauai was Costco. This was the most beautiful Costco on the face of the earth. We needed a lot of food to eat back at the condo. This Costco had everything we were used to and more. We enjoyed the fresh guava juice and the chocolate covered macadamia nuts it offered.

We have many great memories of this vacation. It was the only one I can remember where the Greek actually said, "That was the most relaxing vacation ever, I wish we could stay longer." You need to go to Kauai expecting crazy weather and possible tropical storms. If you roll with the punches and try to be flexible you will discover the hidden treasures this amazing island has to offer. Like I said in the beginning, the only problem with going to Kauai is leaving.

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