Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Only Problem with Going to Kauai

Today I start a little series on our 2009 trip to Kauai. It was the year I turned 40 and our 20th wedding anniversary. We wanted to do something "big" with the whole family. I had never wanted to go to Hawaii, believe or not, until I saw my friend's pictures of Kauai. They had been there several times with their four little kids and I figured if she loved it that much it must be a pretty special place.

I was right. Kauai is a very special place and the only problem with going there is--leaving. This was the most fun, relaxing, and exciting trip we had ever been on as a family. We decided to stay here and booked our condo with Pleasant Holidays. The resort is on the east side of the island, so it's about a 30 minute drive to the more jungley part of the island up north and 30 minutes south to the sunnier more deserty side. This condo was right on the beach and was FAB. U. LOUS. The pool is what my kids loved the most in the afternoons.We chose a mountain view because it was cheaper, but it was the most beautiful view of the mountains, with Safeway in front of it, I've ever seen in my life! You really can't go wrong in Kauai. Our beach was not very swimmable, but that didn't bother us because we were there to explore the island not just hang out on the beach in front of our resort. That's one thing I need to point out, you don't go to Kauai to sit on the beach, you go there to see every beach you can see because they are all so different. You also don't go to Kauai for perfect weather because Kauai is the wettest place on earth and it's going to rain. If fact, it flooded the first day we were there and rained hard all day and all night. I was a little upset. To be continued...

Washed out roads and bridges up North.

That's my "this trip better not suck" face.

That's the Greek's "I paid a lot of money for this trip, it better stop flooding" face.

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