Friday, February 25, 2011

Disney's Hollywood Studios

Disney's Hollywood Studios is Disney World's version of Universal Studios. I think Disney does it better.

Bring rain ponchos to Florida

We always bring rain ponchos to any theme park we are going to because you never know. Even if it doesn't rain, you can use them on the water rides to avoid getting wet.

Our favorite ride at Hollywood Studios was the Rock 'n' Roll Coaster. It was really fast. It was a lot like driving in LA with The Greek.

Our least favorite ride was The Tower of Terror, but the Teen loved it. I, however, felt like I was literally going to die on The Tower of Terror. It was the most freaked out I've ever been on a ride. Just ask The Tween about his arm I squeezed the life out of. I guess I can't handle continuous drops in the dark. Good to know.

Freaky picture

Inside the Tower of Terror

I did enjoy the Indiana Jones Stunt show. The best theming and audience involvement of any stunt show I've seen. The Teen was bummed you had to be 18 or older to participate.

After the Indiana Jones Stunt Show

Unfortunately, Star Tours was closed for reimagining. Oh well, they have it at Disneyland too. That's the great thing about Disney World, a lot of the rides and shows are also in California's park. We tried to focus first on the ones that were just in Florida.

Good Sports
Disney's Hollywood Studios was a half day for us. The food there was pretty decent too, as far as theme parks go.

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