Thursday, February 3, 2011

Does This Kid Live at Your House?

Last year I started watching The Middle. It didn't take me long to realize I could relate to this show. It's about a middle aged couple with a middle income living in the Midwest raising three kids. Now I'm not saying we're exactly like the Hecks, but we have done and said a lot of the things they do and say every Wednesday night.

There is, however, one character on the show that is exactly like one individual living in our house. It is:

Axl Heck aka The Teen

This kid lives at our house and his name is The Teen. He looks like our Teen (note the haircut), he talks like our Teen, he acts like our Teen. He even eats and complains like our Teen. They could be twins. The Teen even had an electronic baby like Axl does in this picture. The thing we laugh about the most is the fact that The Teen dresses just like Axl does at his house.

I edited this for modesty.

The first time The Teen saw Axl, he said something like, "Hey, that guy is doing ME!" It was like "Big Brother" was watching our house.

I wonder how many more Axls are out there?

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