Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Hippogriff and the Dragon Challenge Roller Coasters

There are only 3 rides in Harry Potter Land.

The Hippogriff is a small roller coaster that caters to the preschool crowd. It is very short and isn't very exciting at all. We thought it was lame. But if we were five years old we might have thought it was awesome. You can get a close up look at Hagrid's Hut and his pet hippogriff as you wait in line. The lines for this ride are usually about 20 minutes or less.

The Hippogriff roller coaster

Hagrid's Hut

The Hippogriff in his nest.

The Dragon Challenge is the fastest ride at Harry Potter Land. Notice I'm rating these from what we liked the least to what we liked the best. While we all rode the Hippogriff, only three of us were brave enough for the Dragon Challenge. The Teen, The Tween and myself were stupid enough fearless enough to face the Chinese Fireball, which is supposedly the slower of the two tracks that twist around each other. I closed my eyes almost the entire time. At one point in the ride it looks like you are going to run into the other dragon cars, but I wouldn't know anything about that. When we got off we couldn't walk straight and kept bumping into each other. On the way out of the ride we passed by Ron's car. The Greek and The Kid got a picture while they were waiting for us.

The Teen later braved The Hungarian Horntail, the faster of the two dragons. He said it was definitely faster. As a roller coaster lover, he thought it was awesome. The Dragon Challenge was his favorite ride in Harry Potter Land.

Dragon Challenge

Ron's car

I think I better save the best ride for tomorrow. Was it worth going all the way to Orlando for?

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