Thursday, February 17, 2011

Obsessed Much?

We are HUGE Harry Potter fans at our house. It all started with The Teen. When he was in 1st grade he read The Sorcerer's Stone. That was 9 years ago. The Greek read some it with him as a bedtime story. The next few years The Teen continued to read the books as they came out. He begged me to read them too, but at that time I wasn't interested.

The Teen began to write down spells and even made a Marauders' Map. He had a Harry Potter birthday party and dressed up like him for Halloween. He tricked me and the Optometrist into believing he needed glasses and I bought him the Harry Potter ones. He even confessed to me, some years later, that he thought when he turned 11 Hagrid was going to come for him and take him to Hogwarts. He was convinced that he was a wizard and was bitterly disappointed when it didn't happen.

The next few years we spent seeing each new Harry Potter movie that came out. Slowly, one by one, we all became fans.

The next one to fall victim to the books was The Tween, but he wasn't a Tween then, he was 8 years old and entering the 3rd grade. He read the entire series in 3 months. And then reread them. And then reread them again.

I, too, at this time decided I could hold back no longer and gave the 1st book a shot. I didn't move much from my bed in the next 3 weeks. Yes, that's right, I read The Harry Potter series in 3 weeks. I highly recommend it. I could not have taken the torture of waiting for each new book.

The Kid has now read the first book and is working on the 2nd.

The Greek has not finished the 1st yet. We've tried. He loves the movies though.

Never have I been so engrossed in a story. Never have I spent three weeks of my life in a world such as Harry's. They are books that capture the imagination and hold you suspended forever in their grasp.

Then, In 2009, I found out about The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Everyone I knew asked me what I was going to do. They knew I was pretty fanatical about the books. I, of course said I was going as soon as it opened.

In November of 2010 that's exactly what we did. To be continued...

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