Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Odyssey: Part 5 The Cats of Monemvasia

I will never forget our stay on Monemvasia. In a couple of years we plan on going to Greece with The Greek's family and our kids too. I am so looking forward to that because I know that we have to take them to Monemvasia. I don't think any of them have been there yet. It's a very cool and kind of weird little place.

What is weird about it you say? Well, the cats. There are hundreds of cats on that island. And a lot of them only have 3 legs. And I think every one of them had a square patch of fur shaved off their sides. Their meows sound weird too, I guess it was a Greek meow. When you eat outside at the restaurant they approach your table like they expect you to feed them. When you wander around the abandon paths and buildings they pop out at you. They are a little creepy. We asked about them and the people that ran the hotel said, "They eat the mice. If we didn't have so many cats, we would have too many mice."

Guess what, they were right because I didn't see a single mouse the whole time we were there and I hate mice more than creepy three-legged cats with Greek meows.

To be continued...

The wild life of Monemvasia

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