Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Odyssey: Part 4 Monemvasia

The island of Monemvasia behind me.
I was thinking of saving this part of the trip for last, but I couldn't wait! This was the best 3 days of our time in Greece besides meeting YaYa. The daughter of YaYa's caretaker is a tour guide and she recommended Monemvasia to us. You see, The Greek only made hotel reservations for the first two days of our trip. I knew it was a big mistake, but how were we to know YaYa would end up in the hospital. We had planned on staying with her most of the time, but now we didn't want to stay at her house by ourselves. We decided to take a couple days and head south to Monemvasia.

The parking lot and entrance to the island.
Monemvasia is an island, well, kind of. It is a chunk of rock that sits close to the mainland and is connected to it by a man made road. The opening to the pseudo-island is a tunnel that no car can fit through, so you have to park and carry your luggage over the cobblestone paths to your hotel.

No cars can fit through the entrance.
The path to the hotel.

Our hotel

We stayed at The Malvasia Hotel. It is very cool. The walls and floors are all stone. We had a large room and a fireplace. The bathroom was interesting. There was no shower curtain, but the whole room is made out of stone so it didn't matter if everything got wet. They served a free breakfast every morning downstairs. The restaurant on the island was one of our favorites in Greece. We met a very nice Australian family there one evening who invited us to come stay at their house if we were ever in Australia. Seriously, they gave us their phone number and address. Those Australians are so nice. We haven't ever made it down under, yet. The food at the restaurant was to die for because everything tasted homemade and so fresh. I think I'll continue our stay on Monemvasia tomorrow...

Monemvasia from inside the gate.


Naomi said...

How fascinating and I so love that view of the ocean. Gorgeous! Naomi x

Ria's Random Thoughts said...

Thanks. I was excited to see you are from Australia. I have a very good high school friend who lives in Perth. And my former neighbor was Australian too. I was wondering, how did you find my blog? And, by the way, I enjoy reading your blog too.