Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Odyssey: Part 8 Epidaurus

The theater of Epidaurus

Epidaurus sits in the middle of nowhere in Greece. It used to be a center for religion and therapeutic care. Yes, it was the first day spa. Now it's most famous for its theater.

When we visited, there were lots of tour guides demonstrating its near perfect acoustics by dropping a coin at the center of the stage. The Greek and I had hiked to the top of the stone benches and could hear the coin hit the ground as clear as if we were standing next to it.

Then they had a tourist get up and sing a song. The tourist sang the American National Anthem.

He was immediately booed. Yes, booed. It made me pretty mad.

First, that's just rude. And second, I had about had it with the anti-American undercurrent I had felt from some, not all, but some, people we had talked to on this trip.

I was ready to walk down there and knock some heads together. But, The Greek, withstrained me. And, guess what, it took care of itself.

The tourist, you see, didn't stop singing. He sang louder and with more conviction than before. When he finished, we all applauded, including the hecklers. I was very proud of the tourist. And to be an American. We rock!

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