Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Story of BugaCita

BugaCita and Ria 1979

Once there was a little girl who was as cute as a bug's ear. What's that? Bugs don't have ears? Yeah, I know, you're right they don't, but it's a saying you know. It means a girl that is pretty in a dainty way. It describes my younger sister. My grandpa Pete named her BugaCita one day. I think he must have been thinking of that expression when he did.

You see, he and my grandma used to come visit us when we were growing up. They would park their camper trailer in our lower driveway and stay for weeks at a time. My grandpa would spend the days sitting in his lawn chair in front of the camper. Sometimes he would wax his car until it was so shiny you could see yourself in the mustard yellow finish. Most of the time he would just enjoy his retirement sitting in his lawn chair occasionally drifting off to sleep.

Grandpa's Trailer on the left and if you look close you can see BugaCita's big wheel next to it.

My younger sister would entertain my grandparents all day long. She would ride her big wheel back and forth across the driveway. She would stop in front of grandpa often to refill her imaginary tank. He would pretend to fill it up and off she'd go. One day he just started calling her BugaCita. No one really remembers why or if he knew what it meant. I've tried to find out by googling it, but I really think he made the word up. You see, Grandpa Pete was a very funny man and liked to make up all sorts of names for people. I guess that's where I got it from.

BugaCita and Grandpa Pete

Today BugaCita lives across the street from me. It's true. And it's not some weird Utah thing. It just happened. We really love it. And no I don't go around calling her BugaCita. But when I asked her if I could on my blog, she said yes because it reminds her of how much she loved Grandpa Pete and spending her early years riding her big wheel around and around the driveway.


Vern said...

I drive past that house every time I go home and I have so many good memories from that place. I practically grew up there too!

Ria's Random Thoughts said...

My dad's little mud hut. I still dream about that place. Good times.