Saturday, March 26, 2011

Foods 101

Last week I decided to get brave and let my boys pick one dinner to make themselves each week. I was worried that it would make things harder on me. That they would complain or pick things that were really unhealthy. So I gave them some ground rules of having at least one vegetable to go along with their main dish.

The Teen made BBQ Chicken Pizza with salad, The Tween made Bean Burritos with carrot sticks, and The Kid made Waffles with strawberries and Smoothies. I was amazed at how excited they were to make dinner when it was their turn. I helped The Kid a teentsy bit, but The Teen and The Tween really did make the whole meal.

One proud kid
This week The Kid made Pepperoni Pizza with salad. The Teen is making Pulled Pork sandwiches with coleslaw and The Tween is making Chili with corn muffins tomorrow. I did have to start the the pulled pork this morning in the crock pot myself because The Teen is still sleeping. But I felt sorry for him because yesterday was the end of the school term and he is exhausted. Sometimes you've got to cut them some slack. All and all, I think it's going well. Hopefully in two years when The Teen is in college he will have some more recipes under his belt other than peach cobbler and pizza dough.


Vern said...


Ria's Random Thoughts said...

Why thank you. I thought so too. It's funny how proud they are of their dinners. And really sweet when their brothers tell them that they made a delicious meal. I think learning to serve others is getting worked into their hearts as well.

The Scherbel Family said...

I used to have a night to cook when I was growing up. I actually looked forward to it.

As an added bonus, The Kid can pass of requirements for Achievement 9 in his Bear book by doing it!

Ria's Random Thoughts said...

I was thinking he could pass something off for that. Thanks!