Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Guppy

Last night BugaCita dropped off her little Guppy to stay with us for a week. BugaCita and her hubby are going to Kauai this morning. They should be in LA by now. The Guppy was very excited to spend the week at our house. He loves hanging out with my boys since he only has two sisters. I think it's our toys.

The Guppy is three years old and very imaginative. He keeps us laughing. Last night he found the two tiny Lego R2D2s that we have. He insisted on sleeping with them. We put them in a small plastic box, so they wouldn't get lost. The first thing he said this morning was, "Wea (that's Guppy for Ria) I lost my box." Eventually we found it between the bed and the wall.

Later he had them in a net. And now the Goober fish is eating them. I think he found his two best friends for the week. Wish me luck separating them when it comes time for preschool in an hour.

A Guppy and his R2D2s


Tammy said...

I had to read this through a couple of times before I realized that you weren't babysitting a fish! lol

Ria's Random Thoughts said...

Lol! Sorry about that.