Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pinewood Derby 2011

Tuesday night was The Kid's 2nd Pinewood Derby. It was our 8th. The evening started with the weigh in and then each cub scout got to judge his fellow cub scouts' cars. Each of the boys received an award at the end of the evening for their car design. The Kid won Best Truck Design. He was very proud of his Army car.

The Kid's car is the green one on the end.

The Kid came in second in one of his heats, but didn't place in the top four this year. Last year his car won third overall and he has worn his medal all year on his cub scout shirt. I was very proud of what a good sport he was. He had a great time.

A big thank you to Uncle Jeff who helped The Kid cut his car out. And, of course, The Greek helped him get his wheels on and measure and secure the weights. The Kid did an outstanding job designing, helping cut out the car, painting it, and putting the decals on it.

The Kid wrote this in his journal about the derby:

I went to the pinewood durby and got a prize for the best truck desighn. My car was a Amry car. It looks like this. this is the model. (He included a drawing of his car.)

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