Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Call to Arms

There was a huge wind storm last night in our neighborhood. As soon as The Greek got home from work the phone rang. It was our neighbor asking him for help. Another neighbor, who was out of town for spring break, had a tree blow down in their front yard. It was a huge willow tree. It landed on the basketball standard and a car in their next door neighbor's yard.

The Greek was out the door in two seconds flat. He had to take The Tween to scouts. When he got there he asked the scout leaders if they could help with the tree. He was asking the adults, but before they could say anything all the 12 and 13 year old boys jumped up and said, "Oh yeah! We'll help!" and ran out the door. The scout leader said, "Okay!" and ran up the street with the boys, while the other leader ran home to grab his chain saw.

The Tween got home a couple of hours later with The Greek and told me the whole story. There were men and boys with chainsaws and axes chopping away at that great willow. I was a little worried at that point, but they assured me that everyone stayed out of each others' "circle of blood."

That wasn't comforting at all.


Deila said...

Oh my goodness, my scouting activity fears -- circle of blood, that is always comforting for a mom to hear. When my son started surfing at a young age I was always so uptight. Then I went and watched, and that helped a little, but really, out of sight out of mind helped me the most. And my insistance he call when he was out of the water.

Natasha said...

It was a bad storm. I am glad that everyone is OK, and no blood was shed :).

Lisa R.D. said...

It was so cool to watch out our window and see the ward family come together. My family was over here, some from out of town--they made comments that something like this would never happen in their neighborhood. It made me proud of the way our neighbors jump at the chance to help each other out!