Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Oh, I've been so tired and busy with sweet little Ruby the past few days. But, I have to sit down and write about our fabulous Easter celebration we had on Sunday. It was lots of fun. We had it just across the street at BugaCita's newly remodeled home.

All my sisters were there except for The Red Head who lives in Texas couldn't make it. But, BugaCita's in-laws were there, my mom, my mother in-law and sisters in-law. My oldest sister KB and her hubby came with my little great nephew whose parents couldn't make it because they're at Primary Children's Hospital with their little cutie right now who is recovering from heart surgery. I'm hoping they get to see these pictures because I was thinking about them when I took them.

The Guppy and Clayton are the first ones out of the gate.

The Kid lunging toward an egg.

The Teen and his cousins hid about a hundred plastic eggs.

The Tween spots one on the fence.

Blondie is almost floating off the ground.

The Kid can sense another one. Use the force.

Clayton running out of steam getting help from The Teen. That rhymed.

The Haul

Clayton discovers the beauty of Easter at his Great Aunt's house.

Let us help you Guppy.

Counting his preciouses.

Look what I found in my eggs.

Oh yeah!

The Teen's 4th birthday party this month and he's four this time! Oh wait, now I get why we used the 4. It wasn't because I didn't buy candles, it was because it was his 4th party. Yeah, that's the ticket.

What a day! We know how to party in my family. Doesn't BugaCita's house look awesome! And doesn't Martha's strawberries look yummy! That's The Teen's cousin standing next to him. I call her The Twin. The Teen and The Twin are only a month and a half apart in age. She made that yummy cake with her mom, Martha.

Thanks family! You rock!

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