Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Louvre

If you go to Paris, you have to go to the Louvre. It is the most incredible art museum. It would take days to see all of it. So pick your favorite pieces and visit a wing. The outside grounds are beautiful as well. There are lots of cute little french children sailing boats across the pond.

We also visited L'Orangerie museum that day, which is close by. Monet's Water Lilies were there. They were on huge murals that went around the room.  I don't think we could take pictures in there because I don't have any.

The paintings were huge in the Louvre. And there were a lot of people. We wanted to see the Mona Lisa. There were so many people in that room I could barely move. She was behind a lot of glass. She was also a lot smaller than I thought she would be.

There were also a lot of statues to see. But, the one we were looking for was the Venus De Milo. She was incredibly hard to find. But eventually we found her.

The museum itself used to be a castle at one time. It is so incredible.

Outside the Louvre we found this street performer. You have to love the crazy things they do. One of these heads is real and one isn't. It took a few seconds to figure it out.

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Lisa R.D. said...

I got lost in the basement of the Louvre... I kept passing the sphinx and I couldn't figure out how to get out! I was surprised at how small Mona Lisa was as well.