Thursday, June 2, 2011

Male Bonding

The key to good parenting is finding something you have in common with your teen. Even if you disagree about most things on a daily basis, if you have something you can relate to each other about there is hope for a good relationship.

The Greek and The Teen have music. They both love it. They both have similar tastes. And they both obsess about certain groups.

The first concert they attended together was Paul McCartney last year. It was a huge deal for two Beatles superfans. It was legendary.

Last week The Greek got tickets to U2 and surprised The Teen with them. He was very excited. In fact, he told us he had been telling all his friends that were going that he wished he could go too.

Well, it turned out to be one of the best U2 concerts ever. The Greek said it was one of the best concerts he had ever been to.

Making memories is what it's all about.
The Greek and The Teen

The stadium filling up.


Lucky Teen


Deila said...

You are right about the bonding, that is super they have music, and good music too. I have always liked U2. As a mom, it makes you happy when your kids and husband do things together. I guess because so much of parenting rests on good ole' mom.

Ceci said...

I fully saw your husband and boy at TRAX on our way to the same concert. Best. Concert. EVER!!! :)

Vern said...

That's what I love about U2. Bridging the generational gap!

RyanH said...

Have they seen this yet?

It was a great show!

Ria's Random Thoughts said...

The Teen loves 80's music. All kinds.

Ceci, they told me they saw you.

Ryan, thanks for the link. That was cool.

Lisa R.D. said...

That's so fun that they got to go together. I loved the concert too!