Monday, June 20, 2011

The Protector

I'm sorry if yesterday's post was a little sad. It was actually a great Father's Day at our house. I don't let my emotions about my Dad carry over to my kid's feelings about Father's Day. They have a great dad too. And we celebrate him on Father's Day. I remember my Dad in my heart.

The Boys

The Greek, like I said, is a fabulous daddy. He has been since day one. He is a very loving dad to our boys. They get lots of hugs and kisses from him, which I think is very important for dads to do. They get also get lots of "I love yous" and "be careful."

The Teen and his daddy.

If The Greek is anything, he is overprotective. Some might call him a helicopter parent. But I call him a dad who wants to and will protect his kids from anything and everything.

The Teen and his daddy.

He will do just about anything to give his kids a safe loving environment. He is like this with all kids. It doesn't matter if they are his or not. If there is a lost child at Disneyland, rest assured The Greek will find his parents. If there is a kid who looks like she is going to fall out of a tree, The Greek will catch her.

The Tween and his daddy.

The Kid and his daddy.

That's just the way it is. And we love him for it.

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Lisa R.D. said...

Great tribute! It's fun to see the guys we picked be such wonderful dads.