Monday, June 6, 2011


Several people have asked me what my plans for this summer are.

I've answered, "We got a puppy."


But it's simply not true.

She just makes me feel that way.

But things are looking up. She stayed quietly in her crate last night from 11pm to 6 am.


Now if she would only stop peeing when she naps during the day. She doesn't pee for 7 hours overnight, but come nap time she loses all control. Go figure. Needless to say she is taking her naps outside.

Anyways, so what are we doing this summer?

In June, The Teen is going to stake youth conference and then a week at Havasupai in the Grand Canyon with his scout troop. The Tween is going to scout camp at Bear Lake and two weeks of band camp to learn how to play percussion instruments. The Kid is going to Cub Scout Day camp and watching every DVD in our library. He also plans on reading the Percy Jackson series again. I will be driving everyone to and from various activities.

In July, Ruby will be getting spayed. That should be fun. Hopefully we can fit a night of camping in there somewhere or something.

In August, The Teen in going to EFY at BYU. Cousin Josh will be coming from Texas to enter the MTC. We are going to Lake Powell for a few days with Martha and Desperado's family. And Ruby is going to BugaCita's house.

So, it looks like a lot of fun for the kiddos and very little for me and The Greek, but hopefully the fall and winter will bring a cool trip or two. I can hardly wait to see what it will be.

Grow up Ruby!

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