Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Burning Down the House

Yesterday was the 4th of July and while we were outside lighting fireworks for some reason "Burning Down the House" kept playing in my brain. This is what happens when your state's leaders make once illegal fireworks legal, everyone goes a little crazy.

Last night our neighborhood sounded like a war zone. Actually it started a couple of days ago, but last night it definitely peaked.

I was a little worried my dog would freak out, someone would light their face on fire, or my trees or house would catch on fire, but luckily none of those things happened.

When I checked on Ruby (my puppy), she was sound asleep in her bed inside the house. The firework that The Tween lit fizzled out and then exploded with a very loud boom a minute or so later. And the grand finale of our Cul de Sac of Fire, The Once Illegal Fireworks, flew towards our many Aspen trees and roof, but our house did not burn down.


I thought about taking pictures, but I didn't.

I was too full and lazy from the pulled pork sandwiches and the homemade rocky road ice cream. Our BBQ was delish and easy.

Everyone in the neighborhood calmed before 11:30pm.

Thank you neighbors!

I was tired.

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