Monday, July 25, 2011

Leo's House

Did you know that Leonardo Di Vinci died in Amboise, France? Well, he did. And I've been in the house he died in.

Leo died here.
It was a modest house compared to the others we had seen on this trip, but something was different about this place. We learned that Leonardo was a close friend of the king's. There was a tunnel that connected Leo's place to the King's chateau. The King would often visit Leo by way of the tunnel to see what he was up to. Leo spent only a few years here before he died.

The kitchen of a genius.
So what does it feel like to walk through the kitchen of a genius? Well, the place really wasn't that special at all. Leo didn't really leave his mark on this place. He probably wasn't up to much at the end of his life. We did find in the basement of the place replicas of many of his ideas that were not invented until hundreds of years later recreated in small models by IBM. It was fascinating to see what went on in the mind of Leonardo Di Vinci.

Me and Desperado standing on a bridge by Leo's house.

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