Saturday, August 20, 2011

How I Met Your Father

A friend of mine asked me a few months ago to write about how I met The Greek. Then another friend of mine wrote her story yesterday of how she met her husband. So today I thought I'd give it a shot. I hesitate because The Greek always tells this story so much better. So you might want to ask him sometime.
Well, in 1988 I was at home in California on Christmas break from BYU Provo. There was a young adult dance one night. I was suppose to go with my best friend, but she had to work. So, being the co-dependent friend I was, I wasn't going to go. But, for some reason I was persuaded otherwise... Call it divine intervention, if you like.
There were a lot of old dudes at this dance. Old to me, at the time, was anything over 19. I was 19. Every guy there was over 21 because it was a LDS dance and young men between the ages of 19 and 21 are usually serving missions.
After an evening full of polite conversation, I was getting a little bored. Then all of a sudden a tall, dark, and handsome Latin hottie came over to talk to me. I hadn't seen him all evening. He was going on about how he and his roommate made the green jello cake that they were serving that night. He was so proud of himself. It was almost like he had never cooked before in his life. Foreshadowing.
The Latin hottie asked me to dance. He definitely had some sweet moves. Almost salsa like, but with a touch of something else... What could it be?
We danced a few dances and then he suaved (you know, suave with an accent) my number from me. I didn't think he would call. And all I got was his first name. No last name. Well, a few days later he called. He was pretty funny on the phone, but I was not that excited.
December 30th we went on our first date. We went to see "Scrooged." In case you're interested, that's a pretty bad movie for a first date. Afterward, we went to Penguins for some frozen yogurt or custard? Yeah, it was the 80's baby! My good friend Chris was working there and entertained us while we ate.
I had fun with my Latin hottie that night, but I found out he was no Latino. He was Greek! I was shocked. A Greek Mormon, what are the odds? Pretty slim and still are. At this point, I still didn't know his last name.
On New Year's Eve we met at the Aztec Building at San Diego State for another dance. We held hands that night and everyone was so excited. They could tell I was falling for this man. It's funny because at my high school reunion a few weeks ago my friend Michelle mentioned New Year's Eve and the two of us (me and The Greek, that is). I guess the sparks were visible.
Our third date (second official) I still didn't know his last name. We still can't figure out when I finally asked. I remember trying to see it when he signed the credit card receipt, but I couldn't read what it said. It's a one of a kind name, believe me. I do know that I had to ask him what it was and he laughed as I tried to pronounce it.
Anyways, this was the night (during the movie Gorillas in the Mist) that I knew I was falling in love with The Greek. Who would have thought a movie about gorillas could be so romantic? But I fell hard for this man.
At the end of the break, I went back to school in Utah and The Greek stayed in San Diego for a few months. He visited me once in January and then moved up to Provo in March. He had already planned on attending BYU before he met me. It was meant to be.
We were engaged in May and married in August that year, after a long steamy courtship. And the heat hasn't cooled in 22 years.


Julia said...

so cute! Thank you for sharing :)

Ria's Random Thoughts said...

Thanks Julia!

Lisa R.D. said...

I love stories about how people met... I have heard you tell this story before, and it's fun to read it again. Sometime I'll ask the Greek to tell me :).

Ria's Random Thoughts said...

Lisa, I love your story of how you met Ryan. It is funny.