Saturday, August 13, 2011

Langeais Chateau

This is my last post about France.

I promise.

I wrote about it out of order and it turns out I'm finishing with Langeais.

In my mind when we visited Langeais it was an overcast day. Everything looked medieval, dark and mossy. The castle itself had an awesome drawbridge. The village in my memory had narrow cobblestone streets with cute little store fronts. I could be totally wrong, but it's a good memory for me.

The inside of Langeais Chateau.
The castle was very dark with giant tapestries and lots of wood. There were wax statues in the main room representing the historical marriage of some Louie and some foreign princess, not sure who they were now, but they were extremely short and creepy looking.

Upstairs in the dungeon (I know it's an odd place for a dungeon) we found more wax statues depicting life for the naughty. Not good. Trust me.

My favorite part of this place was the catwalk around the top of the castle to the bell. We rang the bell and then screamed and laughed our way back inside. Yeah, I'm not sure why it scared me so, but I think it was really loud.

As far as toilets go in France, at least they have toilet seats. That's one up on Greece. At the airports the toilets were also self-cleaning. That was weird. We did find one hole in the ground toilet that I, of course, refused to use. One bathroom had a community soap, I didn't use it and this was before hand sanitizer. Ugh, that makes me sound old. The most embarrassing bathroom was the unisex one at Leo's house. It had a see through louvered door on the stall. I was going to brave it until the dude walked in.


Why can't Europe build some decent bathrooms?

I don't know, maybe it's gotten better by now.


Lisa R.D. said...

This looks like a neat place to visit... I think next time (wink, wink) I head to France I am going to consult your posts as my own personal vacation planner. You visited some really great places!

Ria's Random Thoughts said...

I'll be your vacation planner. That would be a good job for me. Better yet I'll go with you.