Monday, August 22, 2011

My "Easy Button"

The Tween
Today The Tween started Junior High School. I was fine with it up until I dropped him off this morning. After all, it is The Tween. My "Easy Button" kid. You know, that Staples commercial. I always think of The Tween when I see it because he has been such an "easy" kid. He has never needed my help with homework because he's been smarter than me for a while now. He's never had any problems with friends because he's so nice. And he's never had any problems with bullies because his brothers are two of the worst and he's grown accustom to their constant teasing and punching. He's even started to dish it out a little himself. So I wasn't too worried when I dropped him off this morning. I felt in my heart that he would be fine. If anyone could do Junior High right, it's The Tween.
Then he got out of the car. And I panicked. What ifs...started running through my mind. Then I drove by The Tween's friend walking into school with his mom. He's blind. And I started getting worried for him. But then I saw the smile on his face. I could tell he was excited. And I thought, they are all going to be alright. The Tween has a lot of good friends. And that's all you need in Junior High.

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