Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Pat on the Back for Mom

Yesterday I heard the words I've longed to hear come out of The Teen's mouth.

"My boss says I must have a really good mother."

I don't mean the boss part. I'm talking about The Teen acknowledging that everything I've taught him has been for a reason. That doing the dishes, picking up his room, mowing the lawn, etc. has all been for his benefit. He realized that he is becoming a responsible adult. He knows he's not quite there yet, but he's getting there.

His two employers over the last two weeks have been very impressed with The Teen's work ethic. He's a hard worker. They have commented several times that they haven't had to tell him twice what to do. He has been the only one who could remember where everything goes in the kitchen.

Yesterday after a grueling two hours at the DMV with The Teen he let me know that I'm a good mother. He didn't have to tell me that. But I think he was grateful.

Being a mom is a tough job. Raising a responsible adult is hard. You want to do anything and everything for your kids. But if they are ever going to grow wings and fly away, you have to let them do things themselves. This means they might fail at some things. That they might learn things the hard way. But don't we sometimes learn our greatest lessons from our mistakes?

Don't think I don't know that today he might crash my car into a tree.

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Lisa R.D. said...

You are right, he is a great kid. He is right too, you are a great mom! It is nice to see that he (and others) recognize all that you have taught him. Exciting about his license!!!