Monday, August 8, 2011

This One's for the Redhead

As I have previously explained my Dad had red hair. He was the first in so many generations that relatives used to tease my grandma that he was the milkman's son.

She didn't like that very much.

Well, when my older sister arrived it was no surprise that she had a head of beautiful curly red hair. It was a little lighter than my dad's orange hair, but at least we knew who her daddy was.

Sorry grandma, I couldn't help myself.

Isn't she adorable? The Redhead with KB.
Big Red and Little Red, aka The Redhead.

The Redhead, as I will lovingly call her on my blog, is my second oldest sister.

Yes, there are five of us.

Five girls.

My poor father.

Anyways, the Redhead was by far the cutest of all five of us with her strawberry ringlets and button nose. She loved dolls. Like nobody I've ever met before. We were all jealous of her Kelly Doll collection. Well, at least I was.

One of her Kelly Dolls.

She still loves collecting, especially antiques.

She also loved fashion. The Redhead was always dressed meticulously. Her hair was always perfect. Her makeup was always on before she went anywhere. Even when we were camping.

She's really feeling the cuteness here.
The Redhead is a great teacher. So many of the photos I looked at, she is bent over one of her younger siblings showing us how to do something. That must be why she has done such a great job homeschooling her three boys and other kids in their home school group.

She's probably trying to explain to me how to sit like a lady. Doesn't she know that my fat little legs make that impossible?
Whenever I see a cute little redheaded girl I think of my sister. They all remind me of her.

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