Friday, August 26, 2011

Total Domination

Last night The Greek attended the annual Elders Quorum party. For some reason in our ward the Elders like to party without their wives. I think they have Book Club envy, but they'll never admit it.
Usually they go shoot things in the middle of nowhere, but last night they decided to have a ping pong/pool tournament.
I actually got home from Book Club before The Greek.
They had a great turnout and a rousing three hours of ping pong and pool. The Greek, of course, dominated the ping pong table. I bet you didn't know he's a ping pong champion. Kind of like Forest Gump. He really should go pro. This morning he woke up really sore. I didn't know ping pong could do that to you?

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Lisa R.D. said...

Book Club Envy! I love it! (What were the Elders thinking, planning a party on the same night as Book Club anyway!?!)