Tuesday, August 23, 2011

You Know You Live In Utah If...

You know you live in Utah if your son gets a job baling hay and he actually likes it.
Last night The Teen had an opportunity to earn some money. He's been jumping at every opportunity lately to earn some moola. You see he has teenage boy car fever. It's an actual medical condition and it's contagious. He got it when he turned 13, so he's been suffering for a while now. Poor thing.
Well, his friend asked him Sunday if he would like to help a member of our ward bale some hay on Monday. He jumped at the chance.
Little did we know it would be at Bronco Mendenhall's ranch. He's the head coach for the BYU football team and quite the celebrity around here. The Teen, of course, thought it was no big deal, but his dad, on the other hand, thought it was something really cool. The Greek had a million questions for him. The Teen, however, had no answers. He was just baling some hay.
I had images of Footloose running through my brain as soon as he mentioned it. We're just livin' the dream. And no, he didn't see Bronco while he was there.

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