Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Dog Who Lived

There's no lighting bolt scar across her forehead, but she does have a nice straight one on her belly.
Friday was a sad day for us. The vet told us that Ruby was in kidney failure. Before her spaying three weeks ago she had blood work that indicated that something was wrong. They did some follow up blood work after she had her stitches out and her kidney levels were even higher. The vet was convince that she had Juvenile Renal Disease. It is always fatal. He wanted to keep her overnight for one more test to see if she was producing a certain hormone.
For those of you who know Ruby, you know that she has had a bladder infection for the last three months that would not go away. This is not related to that however. JRD is congenital.
So Friday we left her at the vet and went home thinking that our 6 month old puppy was going to die within a few weeks and we would probably have to put her to sleep. The Greek, The Kid and I drove home in tears. I cried the rest of the day and basically felt like I had a broken heart. I didn't realize just how attached I'd become to our little lioness.
I really felt like their was nothing I could do. I felt awful that my kids had to go through this. And that they only got to know her and love her for 4 short months. Actually it's felt like a year.
I then had a feeling that I should pray about it. I thought it might be silly to ask God for this kind of a favor. But I realized that God doesn't see things that way. If it's important to us, it's important to Him. So I asked for a miracle.
The next morning we got ready to bring Ruby home from the vet. I felt hopeful that somehow we would be able to care for her at home for awhile. The phone rang before we could leave and it was Ruby's vet. He sounded very excited and happy. He said he had great news. I couldn't believe it. He said her blood work turned out much better than he expected. He said with a change of diet specifically geared toward kidney health that she would live. I was so relieved and so was the rest of the family. It may seem silly to think that this was a miracle, but I know it was. We are grateful to have our "little" Ruby as a part of our family.


Vern said...

Yay! She looks happy, and I'm so glad your family doesn't have to grieve the loss.

Sara White said...

Man, that was close! My heart was going out to you. Glad Ruby will be ok. She is such a beautiful dog.

Deila said...

oh, such a sweet story. I am so glad and happy for you and your family. I am always surprised when God cares about these little things.