Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Footloose Dreams

As you can probably tell by now, The Teen cracks me up. He is unique. So, for a while now The Teen has dreamed of getting his hands on a "Kevin Bacon suit." I know, I need to explain this in detail.
First, The Teen is kind of obsessed with all things 80's. The music, movies, T.V. shows, and clothes. His parents probably have something to do with this, but he will deny that. For several years now The Teen has been wearing his dad's black skinny tie that is about 25 years old, give or take a few. He has received several compliments in those years that have only fueled the fire.
A while ago The Teen watched Footloose. For some reason he became attached to the movie. I wonder why? That's an inside joke some of you may figure out. Anyways, he got it in his head that Kevin Bacon wore a grey slim fitting suit with a skinny tie in the movie. So, The Teen started his quest to find said suit. He started telling everyone he was going to find that suit. He started telling me to buy him that suit.
Then The Teen ask a girl to Homecoming. He told her that he was going to wear Kevin Bacon's grey suit from Footloose. She told him she didn't think that suit was grey. So he looked up Kevin Bacon's suit in Footloose on Google and found:

Hmm...that suit isn't grey. And it's a tux. So, he looked up the suit he wore to the town meeting to fight for the dance.

Hmm, that's not grey either, but he is wearing the skinny tie. So then he looked up the suit he wore to church.

And strike three. So The Teen gave up his dream of the slim fitting grey suit and we went shopping and found:

Later that night he heard the words he had been longing to hear. "Hey, you look like Kevin Bacon from Footloose!" Of course it was from a teacher that was old enough to remember the movie.

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