Thursday, September 1, 2011

Short Story Long

I bet you're wondering whether or not The Teen has got an answer for Homecoming. Even if you're not, I'm going to tell you.
Yesterday evening I got a phone call from the girl who The Teen asked to Homecoming. She asked if she could give me an alarm clock to hide in The Teen's room. I said sure.
About one hour later she knock on our door and handed me the clock. She was a little worried that the alarm wouldn't go off. I told her I'd hide it under his bed.
After The Teen came home from YM's he was wondering if anything happened while he was gone. I pretended to not know what he was talking about. After a few texts from his friends, he asked me why everyone was telling him to go to bed and listen for something. I just told him maybe he should listen to his friends and mom.
Finally he listened and went to bed. I didn't see him again until the next morning.
"So, did you hear anything last night?"
"Yeah, I heard ticking and it was driving me crazy!"
"You didn't hear an alarm?"
"No, just ticking."
"Well, did you find the source of the ticking."
"Yeah, it was under my bed."
"Well...what was it?"
"A clock."
"Did it say anything on it?"
"It said, It's about time to give you an answer...."
"She said yes."
Big smile.
I'm exhausted. Are you?

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Lisa R.D. said...

See, I told you she'd say yes :).