Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Three Amigos

Bob Keysor (my Dad's friend), Red (my Dad), and Doc (my Dad's friend).
No one made friends like my Dad. Everywhere we went he ran into someone he knew. Anywhere we went he made a new friend. You could say he was very likable. But my Dad's longest lasting friendship was with his best friends from High School. Oh the stories he would tell about their glory days. On the left, in the picture above, is Bob Keysor. He is the one responsible for teaching the two on the right about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. My Dad, Red, joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints when he was just 16. I think Doc was baptized around the same time. My Dad always said, "It (the Gospel) just fit me like a glove." And he never doubted that decision.
My memories of Bob Keysor are not as plentiful as my memories of Doc because I don't remember visiting him as often. But I know they kept in touch over the years.
Doc, on the other hand, I know like family. He lived very close to us in LA and we would visit his house a lot. After we moved to San Diego, Doc bought a beach house above Moonlight beach, so again we saw a lot of him and his family.
My Dad had five girls. Doc had six boys. Each of his boys loved the picture they had hanging in their house of my Dad doing a handstand on top of a church steeple. He was a legend in their eyes. They were a crazy trio and I think my Dad was the craziest.
About six months before my Dad died, Doc visited him in Utah. They went skiing together. Again crazy because at the time my Dad knew he had lung cancer, bone cancer, and brain cancer. My Dad was so disappointed in himself because he could only ski a half day. But he had a great time with his best friend that day on the slopes.
The next time Doc visited us, it was to speak at his dear friend's funeral. I remember listening to his words about my Dad and wishing I knew the Red he was talking about. They shared a different history than I did. And I was just a tiny bit jealous.

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