Friday, October 28, 2011

California Dreamin'

Everyone needs a vacation now and then. I feel the need more than most people I think. I love going on vacation. I love leaving my schedule behind and having a little adventure. About August this year I started craving my birthplace. I love living in Utah, but I'm a California girl at heart. I grew up going to the beach, having a pool in my backyard, and going to Disneyland every year (sometimes two or three times a year). So last week we packed up the white whale (my mini van) and headed south for fall break. We stay with This (aunt) Dena every time we visited L.A. She is the best. She makes us feel right at home every time we visit. Thia Dena lives right smack dab in the middle of Hollywood high will never guess...Mount Olympus. I'm not lying. On Hercules Dr. The view from her house was a little foggy last week, but on a clear day you can see the ocean.

The Greek's Theo (uncle) Sotiro heard we were coming with his sister (The Greek's mama) so he drove all night from Arizona to see us. He had heart surgery two weeks ago. It wasn't major heart surgery, but still. I was a little worried about him. I thought it was so sweet though. The last night we were there, the Yia Yia's cooked up a big fat greek dinner. It was yummy. They also made some Loukoumades. Yes, we know, we are spoiled rotten.

More to come...

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Deila said...

Great photos. I was missing the beach today. we used to live in orange county and have only been in the northern cal area for a year. Glad to hear you're a calif girl!