Monday, October 31, 2011

Field Trip

Last week I had the pleasure of accompanying The Kid on his state capitol field trip. This was my third excursion to our lovely landmark in Utah. My first time here was when The Greek asked me to marry him. He wanted it to be romantic. Unfortunately someone else had the same idea that night. We tried to wait for them to leave, but they weren't going anywhere, so The Greek proposed in the car in front of the capitol instead of on the steps of the building. It was still romantic and quite frankly I didn't care because I was the one who asked him a few weeks previously when he was going to pop the question.

My second visit was with The Tween for a field trip. Anyways, back to The Kid. We were greeted with a deafening fire drill when we first entered the building. After a good 15 minutes we reentered the building.

This statue reminded The Kid of Ruby. Oh and by the way, I told The Kid that this was the place his dad asked me to marry him and he quickly told me to be quiet because that was gross.

This is most of our group I was in charge of. "Ben, where are you, Ben?" I was saying that for about two hours.

You can't really see the seagulls, but they are flying around the dome.
The Kid spots the seagulls!
This is where "the magic" happens.

That's my neighbor in the left hand corner of the picture. We've lived across the street from each other for about 10 years. I never knew he worked at the capitol all these years. He spoke to us about his job on our tour also. Now I know who to complain to.

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