Saturday, October 29, 2011

Oh For the Love of Disney

Part of growing up in Southern California is going to Disneyland with your family. And when you move away you feel the pull to go back on a regular basis. Well, at least I do. I love Disneyland. I know it pretty well. Probably better than most people. And I'm not talking about where all the hidden Mickey's are. I'm talking about how to get in, ride the rides, and get out. I've been there on a bus with my junior high pals and gym coach, with my high school friends driving ourselves up there, my family every year until I was in my early teens with my Grandpa's sweet gas company night tickets, on Mormon Night (oh yes, there was such a thing), with The Greek until we had kids, and with our kids almost every year of their lives. And I still love it.
This year we found out about the Halloween Parties from my brother in-law and bought tickets to attend. They close the park to everyone except party ticket holders from 7 until midnight. The park is still pretty full, but the lines are surprisingly short, if you know how to work the park. There are no fast passes available so you really need to know what you're doing. The park offers treat or treating with endless amounts of candy, spooky decorations and lighting, a special parade with the headless horseman, a fireworks show and lots of other extras. Oh and guess what, we saved about $100 on tickets and parking was FREE! And you get in 3 hours earlier than the party starts. So you are there from 4pm to midnight and seriously that is plenty of time. Plus, you can wear a costume if you wish.

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Vern said...

Dude! We are sitting in the San Diego airport right now coming back from spending a whole week at Disneyland. please don't tell me we were there at the same time.