Monday, October 17, 2011

Pure Gold

Yesterday I wanted to drive up the canyon and see the fall colors. It looked spectacular from our house and I was itching to behold its glory. So, The Greek started rounding up the kids. Sometimes they don't like the same things their parents do. Imagine that. And driving up the canyon is one of those things. The Teen started yelling, The Tween started crying, and The Kid just plain refused to get in the car. So I said, "Let's go without them." The Greek didn't like it, but he got in the car with me. He's all for family time, but he could see it wasn't worth the effort today. Before we could leave The Kid stuck his head out the door and tattled on his brother. The Greek stomped back inside the house. There was lots of yelling before he came back out with The Teen's ipod.  He was busted for pantsing The Tween after we walked out the door. And then we were off. much better!

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Ceci said...

Not gonna lie...I kind of want me and Cam to be you guys when we grow up. :)