Thursday, November 10, 2011

45 Minutes

What is 45 minutes you say? Well it turns out that is precisely the amount of time our family can spend in a museum before we get kicked out. Or, before I think they're about to kick us out.
I so desperately wanted to visit the Getty Center while we were in California for Fall Break. It houses one of my favorite paintings: Irises by Van Gogh. I've had a copy of it hanging in my family room or living room for the last 21 years. My mom bought the print for me when the painting was hanging at The J. Paul Getty Center in Malibu.
Since then they have built the very large and modern Getty Center. It is a great place to visit. The last time we were there was when The Teen was about five years old. The Teen almost touched the Irises painting when he saw it that time. He claims he actually DID touch it. This time we saw it we noticed it was the only impressionist painting in the room with glass covering it. Last time we saw it there was no glass over it. The guard said it is because so many people have tried to touch it. The Teen smiled when he heard that. I gave him the evil eye.
I was disappointed that we only had 45 minutes to see the place because we got lost getting there by taking a short cut. But, as you can see in these pictures it was only a matter of time before they would have really kicked us out. Nevertheless, we made the most of it and actually saw a lot in that short 45 minute interval.
This was a theme on our trip, posing like the object in the picture.
The infamous picture.
Why they had to take so many pictures of the paintings, I'll never know.

Leaving right before they would have kicked us out.


Lisa R.D. said...

I love that painting too... it's in my kitchen! I haven't heard of this museum before, and I know I would love it. I am pretty sure my family WOULD get kicked out though... maybe a few years down the road...

Ria's Random Thoughts said...

You would love it. They have a children's section that we went to last time.