Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Boulevard of Broken Dreams

The Teen wanted to see some celebrities while we were in Hollywood. I told him they just don't hang out on street corners. But he insisted on going to the Hard Rock Cafe. While we were waiting for our table we walked next door to see the Chinese Theater and the walk of fame. I guess because it was Halloween time a lot of people were in costumes. Well, a lot more than normal. If there is a "normal" on Hollywood Boulevard.

He actually had his celebrity sighting earlier that week at Disneyland while waiting to get on Star Tours. He spotted Julian McMahon. He recognized him from Fantastic Four. The man is gorgeous, even more so dressed as a pirate. So, back to Hollywood Boulevard. It was kind of sad to see people trying to make money by dressing up in costumes to take pictures with tourists.

This was just a freaky dude with a snake.
The Chinese Theater

My favorite
His favorite.
Tom Cruise was actually the best one there. And it just made sense for him to act a little crazy.

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