Friday, November 11, 2011

Disney Purests

 My friend called me a Disney purest because I had never been to California Adventure. We visit Disneyland about once a year, but I've never had the desire to visit the other park. So after tasting a few of the rides while we were in Florida I was a little more interested.
We decided to spend a whole day at California Adventure and the next afternoon and evening at the Disneyland Halloween party in the Disneyland park. We were at California Adventure from 12 noon to about 8pm. We got bored around 4pm. It's a good thing they're adding a whole new park next year to California Adventure. It could use the help. There just isn't enough to do. Next time I would get a park hopper and just come over for a few hours.
The rides we loved were: California Screamin, The Tower of Terror, Soarin over California, and that's it. We probably would have liked Toy Story Mania better if the didn't stop breaking down every two minutes. That was a little annoying.
The highlight of the day was definitely The World of Color show. It was spectacular.
I'll also note we did not get to ride The Grizzly River Run because by the time we got around to it, it was broken. But it was probably a good thing because it was a little cool that evening and I've heard you get soaked on that ride.
Surprisingly we really loved the food in California Adventure compared to most amusement parks. They have a lot of variety and it was really good. The Greek and The Tween had Chinese, The Teen had Mexican, and The Kid and I had giant corn dogs. I wished that I would had gotten the clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl that I had heard so much about though. All and all it was a pretty nice day because the crowds were minimal.
The Grizzly River Run in the background.
I think The Teen found an admirer.
He looks pretty enamored.
I guess he decided to give her a smooch.
The Kid and I passing the time while waiting for The World of Color show.
The End

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