Monday, November 28, 2011

Double Digits

This is what happens when the hospital doesn't tell you they're taking your baby's picture.
My baby turned 10 years old yesterday. He's a decade old. I can't believe it. The Kid was my easiest baby. He slept through the night within weeks of coming home. He was hardly ever sick. And he was just plain happy-go-lucky all the time. Of course, things have changed. He's The Kid after all and that means he has had a few growing pains. But, it's nothing he can't handle. Even though he started out a little grumpy looking...

He's been lighting up rooms with his smile for 10 years straight.

Just a few of my favorite pictures of a very sweet boy. The Kid loves his family, animals, and crunchy lettuce. We love The Kid! He is one in a million.

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Sara White said...

Happy birthday Max! I will give you some crunchy lettuce for your birthday. :)