Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Homecoming 2011

I forgot to put this picture up of The Teen's Homecoming dance. I just couldn't forget about it. It is too gorgeous. This girl used to live across the street from us from the time they were two years old until about age nine or ten. So sweet.
They didn't cross paths again until junior high school. I think it was about this summer or spring that some sparks began to fly. The Teen waited until she turned 16 to ask her out on a date. Even sweeter.
I really like this girl. She is very smart. Very sweet. And very pretty. And most importantly she listens to her parents. The more The Teen tells me about her, the more I like her. Plus I know her parents and they are pretty awesome people.
I like that even though they really like each other, they have agreed to date other people too. That's the best thing you can do in high school: date as many people as you can because it's time to have fun, not time to get serious with someone. It's hard to understand that at this age.
The Teen is also very smart. Very sweet. And very pretty, I mean handsome. There is no shortage of girls trying to get his attention. But he knows now is the time to have fun. He knows that the decision is his to make. He is old enough and smart enough.


Kristi said...

Cute picture, how nice it is to have great kids!!!

Lisa R.D. said...

That is such a great picture!