Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I Told You So

Last night when I let Ruby out to pee before putting her to bed, she didn't come right back in for some reason. After a few minutes I looked outside to see what she was doing.
What was it? Well, something naughty of course. She was eating a rotten green tomato. I told her to "leave it and come inside." She looked at me like, "Yeah right."
"You're going to regret eating that Ruby! Come, Ruby!" Finally she got up and as she did, I could see her swallow the tomato. She came in the house and went to bed.
In the morning I could tell she wasn't feeling too great. She wouldn't eat her breakfast. She wouldn't even go near it. I left her laying on the carpet and took the boys to school.
When I got back she was exactly where I left her, except there was one thing strangely different. A large yellowish green tomato was sitting right by her little forlorn face. It was covered in slime, so I didn't take a picture. You're welcome. That tomato was still whole and it was pretty big. It must have sat in her stomach all night. I dry heaved a bit and then said, "I told you so!" She looked at me like my kids always do, "I know." She's been curled up in a little ball all morning. Poor dog.

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Unknown said...

Poor Ruby, it's such a hard lesson to learn. Unfortunately, she'll probably do it again. Our little Mollie is notorious for swallowing small plastic parts and the stuffing from her toys, we have to be very careful when picking out toys for her.