Monday, November 7, 2011

The Tween Becomes a Teen

What will I call him now? The Tween has become a teen. I really can't believe he's a teenager and that 13 years ago I welcomed this beautiful baby boy into the world. He was the easiest of the three to deliver. One or two pushes and there he was. It makes sense because in some ways he's been the easiest to raise, but it definitely hasn't been all roses.
Seriously, he could be Snow White's brother. Who looks this good in their hospital baby picture.
We weren't sure how long The Tween would live. Yeah, that's right The Tween was and is our miracle baby. I was told at my first ultrasound that his kidneys were 3-4 times the size they were suppose to be. They told us he might not live, I might have surgery while I was pregnant, or he would have surgery after he was born. Well, he was born and looked as you can see perfectly healthy. But after lots of tests the doctor concluded that his kidneys had a double collecting system and his ureters had reflux. He was on a daily dose of preventive antibiotics for about the first 4 years of his life. After a lot more tests, The Tween had his first surgery at 13 months old. Possibly the worse day of my life. I felt like I was going to die. It was about a 5 hour surgery. Not as dangerous as heart surgery, but pretty scary to have a 13 month old being worked on for 5 hours.
The surgery was a success, so we thought. The doctors continued to keep an eye on him. More tests. I especially loved the one where he was in what looked like a set for Star Trek. A very large needle was put into his kidney to extract fluid. After this test we still thought everything was fine until The Tween developed his first bladder infection, which I think was actually a kidney infection. His doctor had read the results wrong and it turned out The Tween need surgery again because one of his kidneys was only functioning at 30%.
About the age of his Star Trek test.
Around the time he had his second surgery.
So at three years old he went under the knife again. I think it was about a three hour surgery this time. He recovered well and the follow up tests revealed something that the doctor said he had never seen before. The Tween's kidneys were functioning normally. Finally! No more tests and no more meds. And he's been healthy as a horse since. Knock on wood. The Tween today has been my healthiest kid. Must be all those antibiotics, contrary to what they say.
Lately he's been enjoying percussion at his junior high school.
Goodbye Tween, hello ?
Eating the traditional giant birthday cookie.
The Tween is pretty awesome. It's a scary and fun age to see these boys grow into men. I know The Tween has many exciting things waiting for him. I am so thankful to have him in my life.
**Notice I don't have any hospital pictures from the many tests or surgeries. It's a good thing because The Tween does not like to talk about that time even though he says he doesn't remember it. The only memory he does have is of riding in a wheelchair and playing with the Scooby Doo van in the playroom at Primary Children's Hospital. Another miracle that I'm grateful for.

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