Tuesday, January 17, 2012

And the Winner Is...

We finally made a decision about where we are going this summer for our long vacation. The lodge has been booked, so it is set in stone. I appreciate all the suggestions. Some we have been to and will go again sometime. Others, we will save for another year, but they were all places I'd love to go.
I thought I'd play a little game with my handful of readers to see if you could guess where it is. For some it will be easy and for the rest of you, well you might have to google it. Here are your clues. It was my very first camping trip at the tender age of 6 weeks. I think my parents were crazy. But they did love to camp.
That's my mom gazing down at me in my bassinet.
Me and my dad hanging out in the hammock.
They have a lake and some natural water slides. BugaCita and Martha sporting the trash bag look.
I haven't been to this place as many times as I've been to Disneyland. But I've been to it more times than I've been back to San Diego since I moved to Utah.
This is the cave that you can tour through. Watch out for the giant spiders, just kidding.
If you don't guess it from this picture, well, you need to go there.
I wouldn't have thought of this place this year, but The Greek said he wanted to go. He and the boys have never been. So, it's about time.

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Vern said...

Sequoia National Park? I've never been. How pathetic is that? I would love to go, but I want to be in a fancy lodge, not camping. Will you camp? And is fancy lodging an option?