Friday, January 13, 2012

Warning: Bragging Up Ahead!

Being a mother is hard. Especially being a mother of a teenager. Boy or girl, it doesn't make a difference. I have no experience with daughters, but I had 4 sisters and 1 foster sister. And I was the Young Women's president at church for 3 years. With an extra year as the Laurel's advisor and the 2nd counselor. So, I do know something about girls.
Some people have the idea that babies and little children are the hardest. I beg to disagree. Babies and little children are hard sometimes, but you don't know hard until puberty starts to rear its ugly head. And your sweet angelic child changes overnight into a moody mess of hormones easily distracted by girls, music, and sports.
Yesterday I had some golden moments with my oldest teenager, Teen 1 as I am now calling him. First, he got his first ACT scores back and yes he is going to college. In fact, he scored the highest in what has been his hardest subject, math. It turns out what you work hardest at, you learn best.
Second, his ceramic's teacher picked him, out of the whole class, to enter in a contest of 100 students for various prizes, one of which is a car. Cross your fingers for us please. She told him he was her best student and that he better take Ceramics 2 next year. He said he'd think about it because he didn't even want to take it this year. It was fulfilling a graduation credit that got him to take it this year. So, he discovered a talent he didn't even know he had.
Third, he finally had his Eagle Board of Review. Yes, that's right he's an Eagle Scout. The certificate should be here in 3-6 weeks. The Court of Honor will be in a month or two. Why is this a big deal? Well if you're asking that, you must have never had a boy in scouting. Not only does it take a tremendous amount of work to accomplish this, it also takes maturity to finish the job. You see, he's been done for a year. I helped him fill out the eagle application and made phone calls, but it was up to him to make the final phone calls and get all the signatures he needed. I think it lost it's meaning in the last year, but last night I know he felt pretty proud of himself. Teen 1 is becoming the man he was meant to be. I'm proud to be his mom and to see all his hard work paying off.

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Lisa R.D. said...

Hooray for all of these accomplishments. He is a great kid, no doubt about that. It speaks volumes about the kind of parents he has. Kudos to you!