Monday, February 27, 2012

In Dreams

A few years ago we visited our friends in Anacortes, Washington. Anacortes is on the island of Fidalgo, which you can actually drive to from the mainland. The Greek and I had been there a few years before that and vowed that we would bring the kids back with us.
It was one of our favorite vacations ever. We would love to go back someday. I thought I would document it for my book and the month of "things I love" because I really fell in love with the great northwest on that trip. The best part of the trip, besides hanging out with our friends, was the ferry ride we took around the other islands. The saddest part of the trip is that our camera battery died upon that ferry and we forgot to pack the charger. Maybe it's better that way because the memories I have of that day are all mine. They will float around my mind like a dream I had once.
I'll never forget standing on the deck of the boat watching the tiny islands covered with Madrone trees with their reddish orange bark. I felt like I was floating through a scene of Lord of the Rings as we made our way through the foggy ocean. The coolest thing was taking a car with us so we could drive around the island when we got there. We searched and searched for whales off the coastline as we circled the island. It wasn't until the very end of the road that we spotted a pod of whales jumping in and out of the water. We all started screaming and pulled over to the side of the road to get out and film them. Luckily our video camera was still working.
We had lots of fun finding baby crabs along the seashore on a sunnier day. And The Greek, Teen 1 and The Kid had quite the adventure catching live crabs with our friends one morning.They brought their giant catch back and cooked them up for dinner. It was heavenly.
We will go back there someday soon, I'm sure of it. And we won't forget our battery charger.
The water was painfully cold.
The real action is behind Teen 2.
That's our friend's daughter laughing at us.
The Greek and The Boy (I blogged about him here)
Collecting baby crabs. Don't worry, we set them free.
In our car on the ferry.
Our friend's kids on the ferry. See the fog outside the window?
Some wildlife we found.
Our family


Vern said...

Cory and I are planning a family vacation in the pacific northwest this summer! We've never been there - it's pretty random, we don't know anyone there we just wanted to do something different. Let me know if you have specific suggestions - all we know is we're flying to Seattle, getting a rental car and maybe heading for Vancouver and checking out the islands.

Ria said...

You will love it! It is soooo beautiful. We haven't been to Vancouver, but I've heard Victoria is gorgeous. You should take the ferry there and explore the islands along the way. We went to Orca island, I think. They are so many and they are so cool. Look for the whales too. Too bad you don't like fish. The crab is yummy. It will be whale and crab season during the summer. Bring umbrellas and coats.